TLR & Library Assistants

As a TLR (Teacher with Library Responsibility) or Library Assistant, you are fundamental to the success of your school library. We hope you find this page useful. For any other queries please remember to ask your SLS Librarian or contact the Centre.

What are my responsibilities as TLR or Library Assistant?

Key responsibilities of the Teacher with Library Responsibility (Primary schools) and Library Assistant (Secondary schools) include;

  • Ordering Curriculum Project Loans on behalf of your school  
  • Helping with Bulk Loans
  • Booking Authors for Book Week via SLS Team
  • Ordering resources with the help of SLS Librarian


What is the ‘CP’ Fund/Scheme?

The Centralised Purchase Scheme was set up to provide school libraries with an easy, efficient and high quality stock ordering and processing service. The scheme is available to all schools. We send out a letter each year stating the amount of money we recommend each school should invest in their library. This figure is calculated by student population. Schools then pay this fund into an account run by SLS and stock may then be purchased for the school library. Orders must be authorised by the teacher with library responsibility. The main benefits of the CP Scheme are;

  • All resources are processed (classified, labelled and covered)
  • We place the orders
  • We chase and accept deliveries
  • We receive a substantial discount which we pass on in full to schools
How do I purchase resources?

A number of publishers reps visit the island each year and historically many schools have chosen this as their primary method of selecting new resources. However, it is also advisable to liaise with other members of staff to assess any gaps in the collection and work together with your SLS Librarian to select new stock. If you find a book that you would like to purchase for your library please give as much information as you can on the following form and send to


I've bought my own books, can I still have them processed (classified, labelled & covered)?

Yes. In order to extend the life of any new books you buy for your library, we would encourage you to send them to SLS where we will process them to a high standard. We will deliver once a term or you can be emailed once they are ready for you to collect at your own convenience. Forms for 'processing own books' can be downloaded and printed here. Please include this form when you send the books in. Please note, priority will be given for resources purchased through the CP Fund.


How do I order Curriculum Project Loans?

For more information on our Curriculum Project Loans click here.

How do I get help with my library computer system (e.g. Junior Librarian & Eclipse)?

You can call the Micro librarian help-desk on 0161 449 9317. You will need your school customer number & postcode.

Alternatively visit

Click on the ‘MyMLS Login’ on the top right tab and then enter your school customer number & postcode.

The support tab allows you to view video tutorials and documentation. You can ‘Search the knowledge base’. The easiest way to do this is to click on ‘searching by category’ or ‘FAQ’. Alternatively you can enter a keyword into the search box. 

You can also contact your SLS Librarian by phone or email. If your query is urgent, or if your SLS Librarian works part time, it is best to contact the Centre on 714098.

How do I remove & reinstate Bulk Loan items?

In order to remove old Bulk Loan items from your Junior Librarian or Eclipse catalogue, read our 'How To' guide: 

Removing Stock

If your new Bulk Loan items have been added to your catalogue in advance, they will have been temporarily stored in the Recycle Bin. Once your old stock has been removed and your new items have been physically put on to the shelves, you can then reinstate your new Bulk Loan items:

Reinstating Stock

If you have any problems with these procedures, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Centre or your SLS Librarian for further assistance.