Curriculum Project Loans

As a supplement to your own library stock, these loans are intended as further resources within the classroom. They focus on a specific curriculum area and support project work. We stock a wide selection of different resources to support both the Primary and Secondary curriculum.  

Loans are usually issued for one term however they can be renewed via the Centre for a further period providing the resources have not been requested by another school. Loans are then collected by our courier at the end of every term, and TLRs (Teachers with Library Responsibility) will be notified of this in advance.

To ensure we have the required stock, it is beneficial that TLRs request loans for the following term or whole academic year in advance.  To do this, please contact your TLR who will then contact the Centre.  The form below can be used as a template, or else please feel free to use your own method.

However we understand that not all topics can be planned in advance, and are happy to supply loans throughout the term when needed.  If you need a loan now, please fill in the form below and send to, or alternatively please send an email or call the Centre with as much of the following information:

  • Subject/Topic
  • Curriculum area (e.g. Science)
  • Year Group/Ability Level
  • Number of classes/pupils
  • School
  • Teacher
  • Any Further Information

Curriculum Project Loan Form*    Annual Curriculum Project Loan Form

*Please note that currently up to three loans can be added per form, but the forms can be easily amended/copied, should you wish to add further loans.

Alternatively, you are welcome to visit the Centre and choose your own resources from the shelves.


Bulk Loans

These loans are available to all schools in the Bailiwick and are intended to introduce a wider selection of fiction to school children. Although the loans are generally used to boost fiction stock, we are happy to include non-fiction books too. The loans can be tailored to suit your students' reading levels and interest areas.

The loans are usually for one year, but this is negotiable. The exchange times are predetermined and schools are sent reminders a month before the exchange is due.