Lessons & Sessions

We offer information literacy lessons and reader development sessions to all schools. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a session. These include;

Information Literacy Lessons

Information Literacy Framework for secondary level students

Information Literacy Framework for primary schools (CWICER) Connect, Wonder, Investigate, Construct, Express, Reflect

Research Skills, library inductions and  literacy support for primary level students

Reception                      Year 1                    Year 2

Year 3                            Year 4                    Year 5               Year 6

Research Skills, library inductions and literacy support for secondary level students

year 7                      Year 8                  Year 9


Junior Librarian and Eclipse.net training for library monitors, parent helpers & school staff

Google Hangout sessions including support to set up a mystery hangout

 Case Studies - Examples of lessons in collaboration with the SLS librarian 

Yr 6 RE Inspirational Leaders         Yr 4 Geography India 

 New Bailiwick of Guernsey curriculum - how SLS support and empower teachers

Reader Development Sessions

General book groups and library groups

Story sessions, general and themed

Themed presentations e.g. Summer Reading Challenge Assemblies

Need more information?

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or email sls@library.gg